Phillips 66 Oklahoma Jobs

  • Aviation Fuels

    Phillips 66 is among the largest refiners in the United States and a major supplier of jet fuels and avgas to general, commercial and military aviation. We're also the development team behind innovations that make flying safer and more economical, such as anti-icing additives for jet fuel, and technology improvements such as the controllable-pitch propeller, the first refueling truck and the drag chute.

  • Chemicals

    Our scientists, researchers and engineers are innovating products and processes that impact our world. Through our partnership with Chevron U.S.A., Inc., CP Chem — our Chemicals business — has become one of the world's top producers of olefins and polyolefins, and a leading supplier of aromatics and styrenics.

  • Marketing

    To the motoring public, no brand means "go" like Phillips 66. Performance gas is our passion. Our legendary brands are sold at approximately 10,000 independently owned stations in the United States and Europe, primarily under Phillips 66®, Conoco® and 76® in the United States, and JET® in Europe.

  • Natural Gas

    Through our partnership with DCP Midstream, Phillips 66 is a leader in its sector as one of the largest natural gas gatherers and processors, NGL producers and NGL marketers in the United States. It's just one of the ways Phillips 66 is delivering clean, abundant energy to the world.

  • Specialty Products

    From the world's most effective and dependable engine lubricants, to high- grade graphite powder for lithium ion batteries, and even eco-friendlier dry cleaning chemicals, the products and processes produced by Phillips 66 benefit consumers and industries alike.

  • Plastics

    You'll find our products everywhere you turn. Phillips 66 invented polyethylene plastics in 1948, and discovered and developed new processes to produce high-density polyethylene resins. Today, the innovation continues at Phillips 66's state-of-the-art plastics technical centers

  • Refining and Processing

    Our global capabilities provide us tremendous stability and reach. One of the largest petroleum refiners in the United States and around the world, we own or have an interest in 11 refineries in the United States (all of which we operate) and four international refineries (two of which we operate).

  • Technology Solutions

    Our scientists and engineers are developing new technologies to improve the production of today's conventional fuels, while leveraging the company's expertise in new ways. Phillips 66's gasification technology, for example, converts low-cost feedstocks like petroleum coke and coal into clean synthesis gas

  • Transportation

    Our domestic transportation business includes 15,000 miles of pipelines, 56 terminals, an extensive fleet of marine and inland vessels under charter, and truck and rail assets. This transportation business supports refining to optimize refined product distribution, resulting in economies of scale that contribute to our profitability.

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